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Intercom System

Gate Intercom System | Roll Up Door Repair Manhattan, NY

An intercom system is a great addition to any automatic gate. Without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, you can find out who is waiting at the gate and admit them with the push of a button. Of course, you can only do this if your phone entry system is working properly: after all, it can malfunction just like any machine.

Intercoms In a Nutshell

An intercom network allows verbal (and sometimes visual, if you have a picturephone feature) communication between two or more nodes. Typically, one node will be located in your home or business, while the others are on the outside near your automatic gate. Some phone entry systems use a physical wire to connect their nodes, while other systems use wireless communication. Each type brings with it different advantages and disadvantages.

Signals Not Getting Through

If you have a wired phone entry system, the cord could be vulnerable to tangles, stripping, or outright breaks, especially if there’s a considerable distance between your gate and your building. Wireless systems are not susceptible to those types of damage, but magnetic interference, antenna damage, or just thick walls can sometimes interfere with their signals and hinder communication. If your house is in a dead zone, a wireless intercom won’t work for you.

Damage To The Hardware

By accident or by malice, the intercom node outside of your gate can be damaged. Devices designed for outdoor use tend to be sturdy constructions, but a strong enough impact can still do damage, especially to the microphone or the control buttons. Severe damage might make replacement necessary, but replacing the buttons or other smaller components is most often sufficient.

Keep It Protected

One of the most common reasons for intercom system failure is foreign matter getting inside of the machine. Moisture and dust can easily get caught inside of the housing box, and sometimes insects or other small pests can get into the device and damage its internal components. An outdoor intercom node should be well protected from the elements and covered with a proper housing.

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