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Automatic garage door systems can bring a lot of convenience and security to our daily lives, but not without some potential issues. While proper maintenance will ensure that you minimize the chances of problems occurring, some malfunctions can be hard to avoid. When things go wrong and you need a professional to fix your door and restore its optimal working condition, you can rely on our company to provide the solution you need.

Problems With the Tracks

Similar to a sliding gate, your garage door uses a system of tracks to guide its rollers up and down. If these sections sustain some type of damage or begin to rust, or if their fasteners begin to loosen, they can become misaligned, or may even begin to bend. This can cause the rollers to pop out, which will cause the door to get stuck in halfway open, which puts a lot of strain on the mechanism. This type of scenario can be dangerous to handle, so you should leave it to our experts and avoid attempting any DIY repairs.

Broken Spring Replacement

If your garage door springs break, the system will most likely be impossible to open. These units are what the door relies on to support and counterbalance its weight, so when one breaks, even if there's still another one holding on, the mechanism won't be able to move as smoothly, or at all. Springs use tension-based force to move the door, so dealing with them is very dangerous, and can cause serious injuries if you're not careful. It's much safer to let a professional carry out any spring adjustment or replacement, rather than risking your safety.

Electrical Glitches and Other Issues

The garage door opener is what controls and automates the system, and can even allow you to operate it using your smartphone. However, being an electro-mechanical motor, this type of unit can be vulnerable to a few different issues. From circuitry problems to worn motor gears and even a snapped chain drive or a torn belt drive, whichever one you have. In order to not damage other parts of the unit while conducting repairs, it's important that you possess the necessary skills and experience. If you're uncertain as to what needs to be done, or don't want to risk damaging the system further, our team is at your service.

The Best Technicians Near You

Solving garage door problems is something our company's experts specialize in. An opener that won't run, a door that won't close and a system that seems to shake and rattle every time it moves are all within our purview. Contact Roll Up Door Repair Manhattan for a same day solution to whatever problem you encounter. 


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